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The portable neutron generator is created for the development of the most advanced field of nuclear medicine – neutron therapy. Restrictions on the use of neutrons for the treatment of cancer is created by the technological factors, in particular, by using only pilot nuclear reactors, such as the sources of neutrons required for therapy. The designed neutron generator has the following characteristics that make it easy to develop the infrastructure for neutron therapy in comparison with the experimental nuclear reactors. For practical application of neutron generators, it is required to carry out pre-clinical research and clinical testing as well as certification of the neutron source and the method of its use in medicine.


Power consumption – 120 W (220 V or 48 V);

Neutron flow – 3*109 n/sec;

Deuteron acceleration voltage (max) – 6*105 V;

Deuteron current – 30-35 mА.


housing diameter – 230 mm;

length without needle – 940 mm;

needle length – 180 mm, diameter – 10 mm;

neutron generator weight – 32 kg;

service unit weight – 3 kg.


So, we are looking for partners and financial opportunities for research like participation in HORIZON2020 projects or other international research programs.



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