1. Intuitive e-learning smartphone pedagogy and App accessible for low educated employees

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Many industry or service sectors ( food industry, catering, hotels & restaurants, health & social, building) employ a lot of low educated and/or skilled workers, which very often need to acquire or maintain basic knowledge on sector specific notions to get or remain employed.

Additional hurdles to sustainable employability for such people, in particular in small or medium organisations are:

  • language hurdles ( foreigners, immigrants or migrants), and
  • small number of people to train in the same company or organisation at the same time

Millions of workers and hundred thousands of organisations are confronted to this reality in the EU ( 285,000 companies employing more than million people in the only food industry sector).

Thus, the first fundamental need addressed by the project is to develop an e-learning pedagogical approach & knowledge management tool for low educated or skilled workers which would be:

  • accessible not only on computer, but mainly on smartphone (as anybody has a smartphone nowadays, but not always a computer)
  • supported by image based and intuitive “hands-on” course material, with minimal (or even zero) wording
  • available and repeatable by unit (for initial and/or continuous training of any employees)
  • self-formative, without any tutorage need, accessible with a minimum administrative support from either employer or any placement organisation ( interim work, immigrants’ integration organization)
  • validated by a final knowledge survey with results tracking for attesting the acquired notions – and facilitating mobility throughout the work market (“Knowledge Pass” effect)
  • compatible with a low-cost maintenance and exploitation model, facilitating access to the outcome

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