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The world needs dreamers and doers
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This study focusing on the issues of importance of creativity in education is looking for an answer to the question of how can we use creativity most effectively. Individual differences, the environment, education system are the opening discussion and this will bring creativitiy point.It is undoubtful that an effective teacher who uses well known sources and conventional teaching methods is less succesful than the one who uses teaching methods that encourage creative talent and it will certainly ensure learning easier and faster. With the saying 'The world needs for those who dream and achieve their dreams ,this project reveals how much we miss using it by thinking the students and teachers of past experience .Despite that we have all the parts to form a whole block , the lack of creativity has always been us way. Either we give up or we get an ordinary products. Did not we find out the original works of the greatest inventions in the world using our unlimited imagination? While saying everything has been already done, What are these emerging every minute ? and are not these childhood's dreams? Here ,we want to support them to find the form of the little dreams with this project. So we started this work from schools and teachers.  While determining the number of our participants, our staff needs, their professional and personal characteristics have been taken into consideration.The project will also conduct training staff of 11 people from 30 people, and they also will take part active role in schools activities .  This project is structured on three main well organized courses and competitions, seminars,theatre shows will take place as the dissemination activities. Brainstorming, group discussions, question and answer, planning, problem solving, buzz groups,role -play and simulation will be utilized as the methodology . At the end of this project, participating teachers and students will be more eager to learning, and love learning by use of different materials. In addition, this project will develope of creative thinking processes and the behaviour of the teacher's children in the mental flexibility , empathy, community understanding of the values, openness to creative action to frequently asked questions, respect to unconventional imaginary ideas.  Teachers who have abilities to use these techniques will use the same way for future students and students who are trained in this method take care of their children or perhaps students in the same way. We will give a lead to the world by developing imagination, opening the way for creativity . Why should not be we the teachers who were the teachers of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, or Picasso ?Perhaps they are waiting for to be discovered and supported in our classes.