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Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Industrialization destroys the energy flow and substance cycle of the natural system and leads to increase in wastes, which cannot be separated and recycling within the biological process and pollution of the environment. Pollution may be caused not only during production stage but also after consumption. Soil pollution is identified with air pollution, water pollution and other types of pollutions. For this reason, any measures to be taken for soil pollution may be evaluated as measures to be taken for general environmental pollution. Soil is the most important component of the ecosystem, which ensures functioning of all ecosystems (land and water ecosystems) in a balanced way. Soil is the direct source of the plant nutrients constituting 78% of all our nutrients and the indirect source of other nutrients. It is also the filter and reservoir of water and it is a life space for living things. For this reason, it is worth dwelling on protection of soil from pollution. In brief, protection of soil means protection of ecological balance of the living things. The main factors causing soil pollution may be listed as follows: domestic, business and industrial wastes, radioactive wastes, unnecessary and excessive use of agricultural chemicals and pesticides and acid rains. Young people acting in protective manner and attitude and in social responsibility unconsciousness are the most important source for prevention of soil pollution. In order to improve acquisitions and raise consciousness of the young people in this field, indoor and outdoor activities will be implemented and experiments, observations, examinations and evaluations will be made within the scope of our project. The project activities, which will be conducted within the scope of Youth Exchange, will be implemented in Afsin District of Kahramanmaras Province on 05.10.2015-18.10.2015 in cooperation with Romania.



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