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Temel Eğitimde erken okul terkini önleme ve dezavantajlı öğrencilere erişim
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A-The Main Component of the Project:The prevention of early leaving at primary education level and having access to disadvantaged students. B-The subcomponents of the project: 1-The prevention of early leaving caused by failure and maladaptability of skills 2-The studies into the development of the curriculum related to the handicapped students receving education at home suffering from a recurrent illness. 3-Enriching the medium or mild cognitively handicapped students ‘ educational life. 4-The studies into the pyscho-social adjustments of students whose families are broken apart. 5-The provision of the democratic EU citizenship and fundamental equality of opportunities 6-The teachers’ getting specialized in the educational process of disadvantaged students. C-The objectives of our project. 1-To enable the teachers ,working in our school or in other equilavent institutions, with the abilities that will help them prevent early leaving from school and behave disadvantaged students more effectively. 2-Forming curriculum programmes for the handicapped students receving education at home and suffering from a recurrent illness. 3-Through this project, developing the idea of equality of opportunities- indispensable figure of democratical EU citizenship- in Primary Education institutions . D-The number of participants in our project and the target group In accordance with the main and subcomponents, the project, which aims at preventing early leaving from school and having access to disadvantaged students, includes the participation of 23 teachers who are specialists in their own realms and 1 project coordinator. E-The Target group of the project:The children of broken families, the children who suffer from learning disabilities due to moderate or mild cognitive disorders, the children who receive education at home and have a recurrent illness, the students who experience failure at school and who have disabilities on learning. F-The acts of the Project A-The preparation process of the project:Forming the analyses of needs and current situation, organizing the staff, the planning of acts , the specification of participants and target group B-The application of the project: forming three separate groups with 8 participants in order to observe the educational methods of the institutions located in Italy, Bulgaria and Austria ,getting participated in schools of EU countries in order to monitor their strategies concerning the subject matter of the project, examining the examples of their applications C-The transference of the project:Applying to some amendments on the curriculum of basic education related to the main and subcomponents of the project D-Evaluation: The assessment of the outcomes on the main and subcomponents of the project, which include early leaving from school and having access to disadvantaged students F-The Methodology of the Project: 1. The stage of Project Preparation:The identification of research matter through the analyses of needs and screening problem inventories, the specification of the participants by means of surveys 2-The Stage of Project Application:Case analyses, participating in on- the- job trainings as observers, the attendance to the educational activities by using demonstration techniques 3-The Evaluation and the dissemination of the outcomes: satisfaction questionnaires by using the results of the project in vocational improvement, having assessments by applying to concrete and measurable activities and methods of application and observation G-The expected results of the project: 1-It is expected to prevent early leaving from school and have increased access to disadvantaged students 2- it is expected to provide the increase of having equality of opportunities in the field of education, particularly for the disabled students with maladjustments of skills H-The impact of the project and its dissemination: 1-When the project acquires the success, it will be carried out in equivalent institutions at Primary Education level in Osmaniye and in other cities of Turkey and the value-added effects will be enhanced for project results. 2- This project will especially form an awareness in public about the children having to receive education at home and suffering from a recurrent illness. 3-By means of carrying out the outcomes of the project in schools, it will be enabled that the children with disadvantages or disabilities will be able to make benefit from education at top level in a short period. The benefits in long term: inTurkey and EU countries, the project will provide the students having to receive education at home due to their disabilities or diseases with new educational experiences.This project will serve as a mean for all citizens to enable them to make benefit from education at top level in terms of equality of opportunities and right to education , quoted in the Declarance of Human and Child Rights and also assured inour Constitution