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Sequence stratigraphy - based hydro geological modelling in the area Nyíregyháza-Satu Mare (NYÍRVÍZ)
Date du début: 31 oct. 2009, Date de fin: 30 oct. 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Subsurface water reservoirs are one of the most important, but highly endangered resources. To manage sustainable use it is inevitable to increase the knowledge of experts on aquifers, and to enhance the consciousness of end-users, the population. However, aquifers and aquitards extend through the borders, and while the most part of the exploitable water is located in Hungary, the contamination windows are also abundant in Romania, thus common efforts are inevitable.The project aims to develop new methods to predict available water quantity based on the reconstruction of palaeo-environments (sequence-stratigraphy), thus creating a new way of evaluation, while additional steps (developing and applying software) make it possible to create unified regional and local scale 3-D geological and hydrogeological interpretation of the area. General objectives:Enhancing the connectivity and connectedness of the Hungarian and Romanian water management by applying new and common ideas, unified geological view, enhancing knowledge for efficient prognosis;Specific objectives:1.Developing and adapting new methods, increasing the geological knowledge on the region;2.Transfer of new knowledge to schools, dissemination;3.R+D innovations and diffusion;The target groups of the project are: experts, scientists, students, water management, local governments and the population of the region.Project results: increasing the number of deep drillings in database from 350 to 450; creating a regional scale geological model (1 cross-section N-S, 1 E-W) adaptation of new ideas to reason and predict the differences in aquifers' available water-quantity; 3D geological models for 4 model areas (towns) 3D hydrogeological models for 4 model areas Software for sedimentological evaluation ; evaluation of the threats originated from agricultural diffuse contamination; book, containing the hydro-geological atlases, educational material for students (sedimentology, based on the results of a full core-sampled deep drilling in the region), publicity, dissemination: website, CDs, implementation of new results in higher education, conference.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)
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