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Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The “Floarea Soarelui” full-day kindergarten was built in 1975, has two floors and it's located in Resita, Caras Severin, Romania. The building takes care of the toddlers needs with success and the courtyard has a playground which makes it suitable for any outdoor activity the kids need to do at the moment. We have 214 kids here which form 9 groups and 8 of them are full-day. The last gruop is on a Step by Step early childhood education program. Our 18 teachers have all got a university degree, they love teamwork and look forward to learning something new every day. Following the daily activities with the children, the teachers noted the children's lack of motivation when it comes to educational interactive games, mainly because of the new tech gadgets they posess like smartphones and tablets which seem to attract them more and more every day. Seeing all this, there have been many meetings with the purpose of forming and improving the teachers that have modern styles with numerous theoretical aspects but just a few clear and good practical examples. We consider that today's children needs ask for a radical change from the teachers part, in regards to how they take on the learning activities and it's necessary that the entire team, both the experienced and newer teachers, to learn new playing strategies and new interactive teaching styles which will lead to creating a friendly, efficient, active and attractive learning environment. The purpose of this project is the professional development of 4 teachers from the 'Floarea Soarelui' full-day kindergarten in Resita, both experienced and debutant, by taking on a training themed "Interactive teaching". Our project's objectives are as follows: a) The participation of 4 kindergarten teachers, from the 'Floarea Soarelui' full-day kindergarten in Resita, in a training focused on interactive teaching, during a five-day period in 2016. b) Improving their ability of coworking with different teachers in the country during the five-day period. c) Improving the 4 teachers' linguistic skills. d) Promotion amongst our cities similar institutions of the interactive teaching strategies, by giving good and practical examples from the training, during the september-november period, 2016. The training activities have a structure of 4 modules: Module 1 - it takes on themes like teaching styles, the importance of motivation in learning, problem solving and critical thinking. Module 2 - it's related to the objectives and the popularity of gaming and the way it creates an exciting learning environment. Module 3 - it will be based on a good practices exchange. Module 4 - the making of an educational games database. 4 teachers will take on the 5 days training after which they will receive a participation certificate. This certificate will have the description of the training, the subjects that were taken on during the training and the number of hours the training lasted. At the end of the training, the 4 teachers will acquire interactive teaching skills, which will lead to creating an attractive and motivating learning environment and the implementation of a active-participative educational process a lot more efficient. The project's impact will mainly be: - The teachers' chances of professionally develop themselves will increase significantly. - The kids will be better prepared since their teachers have been trained to focus on interactive teaching-learning methods. - The institution's prestige will be significantly improved. - The chances of developing international partnerships will also be bigger.