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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Project called “ Finnish Education System Rising Star in the PISA exam and Different Evaluation Methods” includes 28 teacher-participants from Kırıkkale Keskin Directorate of National Education as an application owner institution. Our Project will be two movements; the one is to Iceland between 4 and 9 October and the other is to Finland between 1 and 5 August. 10 teacher-participants goes to Finland and other 18 teacher-participants goes to Iceland.By comparing our educational system with Finnish education system- its benefits and weakness, its approaches towards special needs students as well as its creative and varied evaluation methods- the topics such as what can be done in order to take advantage from Finnis education system, how we should touch special needs students, how important is evaluation methods recently and creativeness will be talked on. Overall aim of our project is to educate our citizens in Keskin according to Finnish education system by analyzing its secret in the success in education, to reach ideal education level by observing lifelong learning onsitely by enhancing the enthusiasm of learning new things from elementary education level to adult education level. This course which is based on research, education and study for a week is a need for modern-day. We need to communicate with each other regardless of religion, nation and ethnicity in order to enable social adaptation and to prevent conflicts in the diversified and less reliable world day by day. We are going to ensure this exactly in the countries where we go to.This proje is going to help our teachers make up their deficiencies to benefit from innovations about changing and developing education methods and techniques. In this frame, our goal is that our teachers observe applied education methods on-site and train about this subject in the institution which gives creative and innovative education in the European country. We aim to spread our experianced participats’ learnings from different seminars to other teachers in our other institutions with the light of the konowledge acquired from the project. We want them to become skilful at abilities such as cooperation, communication, enterpreneurship, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, supporting basic skills and adapting these basic skills in the curriculum. We are aware of the fact that the success of Finland in PISA comes from its teacher training program. As a district, we want to give in-service training for the teachers in elementary and secondary schools continually at regional and national level with the help of courses opened in univerties in summers thanks to our knowledge acquired from the seminars. With the completion of our project, we expect our participant teachers to develop their qualifications about creativity and innovativeness as well as to rise their enthusiasm and interests about this supject. The knowledge elicited from experienced, professional host partners, applied trainings and running to the course schedule planned beforehand will be controlled with daily reports kept by teacher-participants and host partners. If our project proceeds according to its aim and strategy, we are proud of the fact that the schools in our district reach at expected level by increasing their success and that we prompt to other educators in our country.