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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is to increase efficiency in training students with special educational needs: increasing the contribution rate provided to their cognitive, emotional, psychosocial and professional development, and preventing them from quitting the school earlier by ensuring their integration to the school. Our institution is now training visually impaired, deaf, mentally disabled at different rates, physically disabled and gifted students and feels the need to increase the quality and efficiency of the training. We implement individualized education plans prepared for students who need special education in this manner. In addition, a supportive education room in which our students can get one-to-one education according to their qualities and needs has been opened in our institution and it is aimed that this project will contribute to effective use of this room. In the preliminary stage of our project, by several surveys, informative sessions, seminars and performance-based activities, the current situation will be identified and awareness will be raised. Under the project, by training of the participants, increasing their level of theoretical information about students with special educational needs and improving practical skills are intended. At the stage of dissemination of the project, seminars, training sessions, workshops and several activities will be held in order to increase the competence of the staff in the education of students with special educational needs and by this way quality of the training of students with special educational needs will be increased for preventing them from quitting the school. During the project, we will work with International Training Center (ITC). The planned number of participants who will attend the project is 4. The participants are individuals who have the philosophy of life-long education, care for their personal and professional development, have culture of cooperation and collective work, like to learn different cultures, are open to intercultural interaction, have foreign language proficiency and experience in projects in national level, closely follow the communicative technologies and actively use them. Project management and monitoring committee is to be established under the project. The necessary technical and administrative investigations will be carried out before the project start. The content of the project, its targets, its domain and activities for its dissemination will be defined. Furthermore, administrative processes about time, cost, human resources, possible risks and risk-preventing measures will be effectively planned. After the project is applied, controlling and monitoring works and reporting of these works will be done by the project management and monitoring committee during the process. Necessary adjustments and corrections will be made in accordance with the reporting results. Our organization, at the end of the project, will become an educational institution that enhances life skills and life quality of the children with special educational needs. Our institution will be providing the chance of an egalitarian education for all individuals with different qualities. At the same time, by participating in international projects, our institution will gain the very basis of Europen consciousness: being open to international cooperation in cultural, social and technological areas. In this way, international experience and cooperation culture of our institution will be developed even more. Our teachers who will benefit from the project will share the information and experience they get from seminars and conferences to their collegues as role models. By this works, the domain of the project will spread and its continuity will be ensured.