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motion of chess sport and fostering youth chess education within the Hungarian-Serbian border region (ProChess)
Date du début: 28 févr. 2013, Date de fin: 30 août 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Maróczy Géza Sportegyesület (Maróczy SE) and Sahovski Klub "Senta" (SK Senta) intend to carry out a 18 month complex project in order to promote chess sport involving chess players from both sides of the border. The cooperation to be established shall involve childrens from elementary schools, advanced young players, amateurs, as well as handicapped players (on day of chess events), and professionals (on chess festival organized in Senta).The cooperation shall be realized by organizing several joint events and programs. For both clubs, realization of a project of this kind is a challenge as well as an opportunity for development, because:- infrequent occasional contacts that occurred till now between the clubs would be replaced by a regular, well organized and continuous cooperation- the joint programs would provide opportunities for exchanging experience, to inventing novel solutions for professional problems and for establishing personal contacts '- the project would allow us to increase our capabilities (regarding both equipment and personnel)- the prestige and stability of both clubs would be enhancedWe believe that our project would facilitate the establishment of a sustainable and continuous cooperation between chess players across the border. Achievements: Chess is a game for all. It helps people improve their concentration, imagination and creativity. It also teaches independence, develops the ability to predict and foresee consequences of actions and teaches players that success comes to those who work hard. Studies have suggested that chess may help develop critical thinking and strategic thinking skills and may improve pupils and students work and grades. It certainly offers an opportunity to meet like-minded people. Maróczy Géza Sport Association and Chess Club Senta carried out an 18-month complex project to promote chess, involving young chess players and children from both sides of the border. As part of the project they organized several joint events and programmes in both countries, through which the participants could exchange their experiences, invent novel solutions for professional problems and establish personal contacts. The partners organised chess camps for beginners and advanced players, two Chess Festivals, and a Day of Chess. Yet, the two chess clubs did not focus only on young chess enthusiasts and professionals. The clubs actively engaged in promoting chess to children who previously may not have had opportunities to enjoy this game. They regularly taught children in the elementary schools in Szeged and five in Senta to play chess.The development of logic skills would be quite a result in itself, but the partners also managed to bring children closer to each other as many of them became friends.



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