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Lapsilähtöiset menetelmät, tvt-laitteiston hyödyntäminen
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The nursery has received a lot of ICT equipment and bring them into use, will employees with children to get them to get them to use. Pre-school education is child-centered and strive to develop children's skills and learning support in various devices utilizing and introduce children to a variety of learning environments. Cameras, iPads, etc. should be in our everyday utility. Workers must be trained in order to become familiar with the hardware and what they can do. Parents should be involved more and more in education and teaching work in the design, implementation and evaluation. The more we document the different ways of learning and thinking of the child, the parents will learn more about our work. Independent work is also easier to develop and evaluate when it documented all the time in different ways. The course will focus on Greece, where ICT skills and innovative learning environments and the role of cooperation with the parents would be really good addition to your development in our work at the moment. Krista Kurki would be very interested to education which should certainly be much new knowledge, skills, also to share experiences and ideas with other countries colleagues. After the course, new idea will rich our kindergarten. Krista Kurki promised to train co-workers and tell about course content more widely. ICT skills after the training and the project would be working days and employees take an open mind, they work. Currently, new technology does not dare to use.