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Key factors for the SMEs competitiveness in the context of globalisation (SMES COMPETITIVENESS)
Date du début: 4 nov. 2013, Date de fin: 3 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Although economic globalisation created a new environment for SME competitiveness, the latter remains a relatively neglected topic. The project will make three original contributions to this research field. First, it focuses on the conceptualization of competitiveness factors as specific to the globalisation context (key) factors versus more classical ones. Second, it addresses the interaction of these factors in different institutional settings. Third, while the significance of these factors has been analyzed mainly under conditions of growth, this project also examines their variable application under conditions of crisis and recovery.The project addresses the following research questions: To what extent can we distinguish between specific to globalisation (key), and more classical factors of SME competitiveness? How do these factors interact with each other? Do these factors, and their configurations, differ in growth/recession situations and in different national economic contexts? The main research goal is to identify particular combinations of key factors for SMEs competitiveness in different contexts (growth, crisis, and recovery) and different national stages of development. The findings are expected to reveal whether these key factors have a greater influence than classical ones on firms’ performance. During the crisis, factor re-ordering can be expected when some key factors step back and some classical ones become more important.Based on a critical literature review, the project will create and test a conceptual model of SMEs competitiveness factors in terms of specific to globalisation (key) factors. The model will be tested in two ways: a) on samples of Bulgarian SMEs at different dates; b) on comparative samples of SMEs from one sector, tourism, in two countries (Bulgaria and UK). The project findings will contribute to the improvement of SME policy by facilitating greater focus on particular competitiveness factors in specific contexts.