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FITS – Strategy for Fostering Social Inclusion and Mutual Cohesion of Visually Impaired People through Sports (FITS – Fostering Inclusion through Sports)
Date du début: 30 nov. 2012, Date de fin: 29 juin 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Social inclusion is a notable problem all around the world, demanding huge financial and human resources. The social exclusion of the visually impaired people is the common problem in Belarus and Lithuania. The tight collaboration between the two countries in fighting social exclusion through sports is the core solution to this problem. Cooperation between Belarusian and Lithuanian NGOs through creation of joint sports events and exchange of good practice will combat the social exclusion of people with special needs and will foster mutual cohesion and collaboration of people. Project aims to contribute to combating social exclusion of the visually impaired people, by fostering their mutual cooperation through sports in Programme regions of Lithuania and Belarus and raising the consciousness of society upon this issue. Achievements: 1) 2 sports halls (1 in Lithuania, 1 in Belarus) renewed and fully adapted to the special needs of visually impaired people; 2) web-site of the project developed to further inform society and the primary target group about the ongoing activities and opportunities;3) promotional materials prepared (posters, brochures, T-shirts) to raise the visibility of the activities of the project; 4) audio books (CDs) with the information on results of the project prepared and distributed among the participating organisations (also available for free on the web-site of the project); 5) society better acquainted with the sports of visually impaired people.



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