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Finnish war 1808-1809 (Finska kriget 1808-1809)

The project’s main goal was to make events and places related to the war in 1808 and 1809known to the local population and tourists and to inspire local companies to create newproducts within historical tourism.What happened in our Archipelago areas are well documented in both Finland andSweden, but are still unknown in wider circles. A popularisation of the material wasnecessary to inspire local residents and businesses to create interesting destinations andinvest more in tourism.The aim of the project was: 1)To inspire the residents of the three archipelagos touncover local information about events in the archipelago and nearby coastal areas duringthese years, and to create small local events and exhibitions on this basis; 2) To, on thebasis of this material and in conjunction with local actors, create tourist attractions aboutthe events of 1808 - 1809 and the role of the archipelago; 3) To begin the planning ofso-called ’’time travel trips’’ by, for example, bus or boat through the three archipelagoswith minor local variations for one to two days. 4) Create small guidebooks about choicethree to four events which can be used by travel guides and firms. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.


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