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Eğitimde Drama, Sanat ve Estetik
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Education is one of the requirements of coommunities’ and nations’ social and economic developments. Especially the need for information of inviduals adn societies increased with the tecnological developments of our age. Meeting the growing demand for qualified education and bringing up creative inviduals according to the needs of future is among the tasks of education systems. At this point the teacher’s qualities come to the fore. The teachers who has the main role in education leaves their place to the guide teachers in the modern education applications. The source of the problems experienced at school are throughly combined to the rolles of teacher. This Project aims to the crate a new consciousness in the solutions of the problems by the aesthetic practices of the student-centered democratic educational applications. Performing arts help us to recognize many things in life with telling the people who they are humanly. It will also enhance creativity, expand personal growth, regular the school attance, improve the reading skills. On the basis of the need of education of art is the approach of creativity. The recognization of inviduals’ own subjective universe is possibble only trough recognition of the objective universe. The experience gained in this way can be an important tool in expressing people’s themselves and begin to individuate the person. The effort of original thinking, critical thinking and synthesis-commenting together. Personal personalty education means independent decision, the stimulation of the productive forces and the need to understand the reach of moral concsciousness through sensitive attitude. Hence the necessity of artistic activity in terms of personality and maturity education is obvious. Drama allows us to live a meaningful life by making life’s incomprehensive, difficult and complex cases more understandable. We can help the inviduals to empathy and goin the ability to see events by changing theirangle by using the performing arts and by this application it can be permanent. Life is too short to tell something is true repeatedly. We can say that the main idea of our Project is creating lifelong learning experiences by the doing and living not by telling repeadetly. The primary elements of the trining staff are certainly teachers because they are in contact to the learners. A teacher may encounter with thousands of people throughout his life and tech them how to behave. The teacher’s effects is very valuable ang big. The necessity of socialization in our country is indisputable by looking at the improvement that the worl and especially the Europe has performed on social education. We want to use the art events in our courses to moitor the corparate profil of schools in Europe, to observe the school-parent- student relationships, to be more efficient at education affairs at our own institutions. We want to contribute our Professional knowledge. We are curious about “Drama at a school in Poland in Europe and Belgium and school education; how is art and aesthetics given throughout the school, which materials and good applications practices have they developed?” For this reasons with a total of 16 participants we want tos hare our experiences that we gained through job training we got in Poland and Belgium with our collegues in our country. Emphaty and self-confidence are the fatures you especially need to have relationships of academic enviroment of communication. During accusation of this we noticed our absense of acqusition by demonstration. We are aware of our innefficiency and we plain to gain experience as a result of effective monitoring of performance. When it is considered that we can see the constribution of international projects in a long term, we think that we will encourage a large segment of our society participants to cooperative and work with the international mobility with the increased quality. With the help of this project we will increase our academic quality at our instution beside internationalization of our organisation. Finally if there are stil wars despite the development in the world, this wars may be the results of lock of communication. Putting an end to the hummanity’s little wars that they live in their world is possible with the experiences of the teachers. By this way safe, succesful, capable of emphaty, conscious of looking their behaviour remotely, sensitive inviduals will be grown up educated. Each invidual has different learning capacity is known in our age, so in the application of training program it is undubtfully a must to take artistic activities in use.



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