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Digital School Digital Society
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Dijital School Digital Society Our Project which is for the Information and Communication Technologies will last for two years.Enriching the school staff’s profiencies,gaining new digital skills, increasing language and cultural awareness , community -school - teacher collaboration between students by using the Information Technology tools and improving the quality of English education process by integrating the current technology are among our targets.We will have 22 mobilities during our project.Our staff will also join the courses in Dublin and Helsinki related with school observation after being trained on ICT in London and Valencia. Our project team consists of 5 people and there are English teachers who has previously benefited from EU projects within the team. The Project team will share the responsibilities among the participants before the visits, and guide the participants through the steps of implementation, generalization and evaluation of the project. After the first visit ,the Project web site will be designed to follow the process of the Project and disseminate the results and it will be used efficiently by the participants. Before and after each visit , our Project team and the participants will have a meeting about their expectations and experiences relating to the visit and evaluate the acquisition. Active use of tecnological devices in education which is crucial in terms of today’s conditions , the development of foreign language learning and the spirit of entrepreneurship, increase in cooperation amongst the countries,lifelong learning and allocations with European partners are the results of our Project. Thanks to the information and experiences they gain, our teachers who will participate training activities in Europe will keep the spirit of quality and innovation fresh. They will increase the awareness of the students and the other school staff via their competences and experiences.