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De-coding European Foreign Policy from the Outside. Views from the Maghreb Periphery (EU-MED INSIGHTS)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2012, Date de fin: 10 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This research project explores the gaps between how the EU understands and presents itself to the world and how Others’ in the EU’s southern periphery perceive its role in the two challenging fields of democratisation and development. The project is grounded on the literatures on European foreign policy, democratization and development. It fills the gap linking these three broad areas of research. Moreover, it is related to the EU’s aspirations to contribute to development and democratization processes in its turbulent neighbourhood. With the Lisbon treaty, a lively debate has ensued on how the EU can exert any meaningful influence in increasingly interconnected, non- Western and heterogeneous environment while it remains divided on all major issues of foreign policy. What is at stake is indeed a complete change in the way relations of power are recognized and calculated within the EU external relations. Taking such path is not easy, but it is becoming clear that inward looking and hesitant Europe is no longer an option – unless Europe is prepared to accept its own decline in world politics. With that theoretical background the overall objective is to investigate how the Arab-Mediterranean periphery isresponding to and shaping EU external policy, and in return is responding to and managing its own processes of socio-economic and political transformations. In the interests of defining a viable and manageable research project, the focus on the EU’s democratization and development discourses and practices towards three Mediterranean neighbours: Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.