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Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims to create and improve the institutional strategy by forming an innovative vision regarding school perspective in the future and focuses on two strategic priorities of the institution such as: the creation and development of a strategy of the international dimension in the long term, as well as the skills development of the staff involved in the educational process with a direct effect in the international dimension of the curriculum. The idea of this project is due to the priority needs of the institution and has the following objectives: 1. The creation and implementation of a long-term development strategy. 2. The formation of a team with qualified teaching staff, to deal with promoting innovation in the educational process and increase its quality. 3. The introduction of innovative methods by teachers in the educational process applied on students with special educational needs.4. The training and development of language and digital skills among teachers. 5. The increase of the number of qualified teachers in coordinating international projects and international cooperation relations. 6. The creation and development of strategic partnerships within the educational system with EU institutions and applying for funding on KA2. To achieve these objectives there were selected a number of specific activities focusing on five learning activities within some international training courses such as: - “How to make your school more international" meets our need by forming skills for the creation of a development strategy of the organization, management skills, evaluation and dissemination of the work in accordance with the international dimension of the curriculum. -,, New learning environments "contributes by forming skills in using modern technologies and the organization of the learning space, knowledge and a vision of the school of the future. -“Designing and Developing" forms designing and planning skills of the learning environment, of the integration of the European dimension in the curriculum, knowledge about the best practice in European countries, but also skills and opportunities for cooperation with partners in other countries. - Special needs" contributes with knowledge regarding the early support, the ability to use a classroom assistant and it forms attitudes towards the meaning of the education of the people with special needs. -English for everyday, forms for two teachers communication, writing, reading and listening skills in English and, what is very important - skills to use English Internet resources and interactive platforms for learning English. These key activities of the project involve a number of 7 teachers who are direct beneficiaries of forming activities and a number of 23 teachers from the institution who are indirect beneficiaries by facilitating the materials, tools, the products resulting from the activities held during this project. To this number there are added teachers from 15 institutions from the region with which we have partnerships to integrate children with special needs, the 120 students of the institution and 210 pupils with special needs integrated into the mass school, their families and the local community. The seven teachers were selected based on criteria set by the institution (general criteria described in section F). During the 12 months of project implementation there will be held organizational, monitoring, evaluation and control activities, dissemination and a final reporting. The monitoring, evaluation and control activities are designed to create a balance between the needs of the institution, the project objectives and the results of the learning activities. The evaluation is based on the SMART evaluation criteria and on the tools specified in the section on evaluation. Dissemination is based on the established dissemination plan with a focus on project results as: a draft of the internationalization project; workshops; job shadowing; seminars; two guides; a brochure and the school website. In the long term the impact is quantified by successfully defining and implementing a school policy and strategy in terms of promoting the international dimension and the innovative teaching methods.  In addition to these results, due to the implementation of this project it is proper to specify also its positive impact on personal and professional levels, difficult to quantify statistically, but visible in the manner of motivating and involving the concerned persons in future projects of the institution.