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Carbon dioxide photoreduction: A great challenge for photocatalysis (CO2PHOTORED)
Date du début: 26 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 25 oct. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The reduction of carbon dioxide has received a great deal of attention in recent years. With increasing concerns about rising atmospheric CO2 levels, scientists have discussed new strategies to reduce the impact of CO2 on global warming. Many ideas have involved trapping the “greenhouse gas” and converting it into fuels and organic materials, using either light or electrical energy.In this context, one of the main challenges of photocatalysis is to enhance the photoreduction of carbon dioxide. This is an ambitious aim, but it could be achieved now because of the convergence of new experimental and theoretical developments. More specifically, the aim of the project is the activation of carbon dioxide followed by its photoreduction toward useful organic compounds using electron-transfer processes on heterogeneous catalysts. In this context, the new topics that will be studied are: 1) the semiconductor deposition/encapsulation on/in a nanoporous support/host which will acts as a cooperative entity in the photoreduction of CO2 by performing a proper adsorption of the substrate molecules; 2) study and development of the new doping strategies for improving the photoactivity and the ability to absorb visible solar spectrum; 3) the development of a new CO2 mitigation strategy by studying and preparing photoreducers and hybrid photosensitizer – semiconductor systems, and 4) use of the developed materials in a photoreactor. The last topic represents the first step into a new technology for artificial photosynthesis. Reaching the objectives of the proposal will open a wide field of investigation that goes far beyond questions of developmental of photocatalysis. The originality and innovative nature of the project lie in the link between chemical, physical and photo-physical properties of the developed materials."