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Novel Quantum Emitters monolithically grown on Si, Ge and III-V substrates (4PHOTON)

Date du début: 1 janv. 2017, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2020,

... the headline goals of this first ever consortium on droplet dot devices: (1) Entangled light emitting diodes with droplet dots grown on (111) substrates (2) Electrically triggered, droplet dot based single photon sources on Si/Ge substrates (3) Strain tuning in droplet dots without wetting layer: photon polarization and single spin control (4) Droplet Dot based single photon sources for non- clas ...
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All Solid-State Super-Twinning Photon Microscope (SUPERTWIN)

Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2019,

... s and wafer processing techniques we will build the first solid-state emitter of highly entangled photon states, utilizing the cooperative effect of Dicke superradiance (super-fluorescence) emission. Single-photon avalanche detector arrays with data pre-processing capabilities sufficient for capturing high-order field correlation functions of scattered twinning photons will be developed. A dedicat ...
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Nanophotonics by Nanocrystals, from integration to single photon operation (Phonsi)

Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2018,

... arch institutes around a research programme combining the synthesis and analysis of quantum dots (QDs) with the formation of QD-based nanophotonic devices for emitting and detecting light down to the single photon level. The consortium contains complementary, world-leading expertise that crosses research disciplines, attitudes and methodologies such as chemistry/physics/engineering, synthesis/anal ...
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