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Support to Member States and stakeholders to address the chronic disease challenge
Date de clôture : 2 juin 2016  

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Topic Description


Priorities of the year, objectives pursued and expected results

The objective of this action is to identify and address key elements with a potential to reduce the burden of major chronic diseases and increase the sustainability of health systems. It should provide new evidence on economic and efficient means to achieve better health outcomes and to alleviate the burden on health and social systems if implemented at an appropriate scale in Member States. Proposed initiatives should generate impact when implemented, be transferable to other settings and elaborate incentives for implementation. They should have the potential to become relevant elements of national chronic disease strategies and add up to an integrated response to chronic diseases. Initiatives should help to reduce avoidable costs and burden for patients and health care systems.This action will complement the action on chronic diseases referred to under (see Annual Work Programme 2016.

Description of the activities to be funded under a call for proposals

Activities should concentrate on following areas:

1) Identify, develop and put into practice evidence based measures to prevent and manage chronic diseases with a focus on: (i) early detection of major diseases and adequate timely intervention with a focus on inter-sectoral and cross cutting interventions; (ii) identification of needs and opportunities for disease prevention and targeted intervention for most vulnerable groups; (iii) effective means to facilitate access and retain chronic disease patients in the labour market and their home environment; (iv) enhancement of community care for better chronic disease prevention and management; (v) elements for more effective management of multi-morbidity; (vi) identification or development and implementation of integrated patient and care pathways; and (vii) Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for best interventions;

2) Strengthen the evidence base for a response to prevent and manage chronic diseases through improved health information and health intelligence by: (i) expanding data for monitoring and assessment of policies and health related actions; and (ii) improving the health literacy through better access and availability of health related information for most vulnerable groups.

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