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Early Warning and Second Starters
Date de clôture : 31 mai 2016  

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Topic Description

Expected Impact:

The European Network for Early Warning and for Support to Enterprises and Second Starters should be in charge of conceptualising, organising, developing and implementing all the relevant advisory and support services indicated in the point 2.3 of this call in four (4) EU countries.

It should ensure the transfer of the relevant know-how between the participating EU countries and develop a training model for the extension and replication of these services to other, still un-served EU countries after 2019.

When selecting the four (4) Member States of the EU, the emphasis should be on the countries where such type of services do not exist or are only partly covered by public and private sectors. The selection shall be based on concrete evidence (the proposal is expected to contain some criteria/reasoning for the selection of the countries for implementation).

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