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Seals for FTB#2 Wing with Additive Manufacturing Technologies - (Clean Sky 2) - JTI-CS2-2017-CfP07-AIR-02-54
Date de clôture : 27 févr. 2018  

 Technologie aérospatiale
 Fabrication industrielle
 Industries aéronautiques

Specific Challenge:

FTB#2 Wing Seals design, optimization according to the requirements, manufacturing (by means of additive manufacturing technologies) and qualification to obtain the Permit to Fly of the seals. Also including all necessary materials, processes and seals components research, development and qualification tests to ensure the satisfactory performance of the parts in flight and on ground tests. Seals shall be delivered for the complete wing flight demonstrator and for the left hand external wing on ground full scale test. Please refer to the full topic descriptions document published in this call.

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