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NEWS: Journalism partnerships - Collaborations
Date de clôture : 27 avr. 2023  
- 146 jours

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  • Increased innovation and creativity in business models, journalistic production processes and distribution processes
  • Increased interest in journalism, among various social groups, language groups and age groups
  • Increased viability of professionally produced journalistic content.
  • Increased media collaboration
  • Sector-wide networks for the exchange of best practices among news media professionals
  • Knowledge-hubs for sub-sectors around technical formats (written/online press, radio/podcasts,TV, etc.) and/or journalistic genres (data journalism, general topics, specialised journalism, etc.)
  • Acquisition and improvement of professional skills by journalists as well as media business professionals

The European news media sectors play a crucial and valuable role in Europe. Yet, they are facing multiplechallenges. Partially as a result of the digital shift, with readers shifting to online sources and traditional news outlets losing advertising revenues, the economic sustainability of professional journalism has come under pressure. Media pluralism has also been weakened over the years: many media at the local level as well asthose putting their public interest mission before profits, have had to close down, posing risks for the goodfunctioning of democracy.

Topic 1. “Journalism Partnerships - Collaborations”. Helping the wider European news media sector become more sustainable and resilient, thus contributing to trustworthy reporting, to skills development and employment for news media professionals and journalists, in particular by supporting media collaborations. This topic will support cross-cutting actions that address the structural and technological changes faced by the media sector, and support high-quality media production standards and business models by fostering cooperation, digital skills, cross-border and/or collaborative journalism.

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