EUREKA - Swiss – Finnish Promotional Call for Eurostars Projects
Date de clôture : 14 sept. 2017  

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Call description

Switzerland and Finland are two active countries in Eurostars, with Finland additionally holding the EUREKA Presidency 2017/2018. They want to increase the Swiss-Finnish cooperation in innovation, that is already established in events like the Annual Swiss Nordic Bio Confererence and are therefore announcing a Promotional Call for project ideas on the topic of Life Sciences within the Eurostars programme.

The call focuses on developing innovative products and applications with a strong market potential. Although Eurostars calls are open for projects within all technology areas, in this Swiss-Finnish promotional call a special focus is given to: 

Bio- and Medical Technologies:  Drug Development, Drug Delivery, Bio Materials, Medical Device and Diagnostics


Submission and approval procedures

Recommended for first-time applicants

  • Submit a joint project outline: Send a short description of your application, using the project outline form, to the Eurostars contact persons at SERI and Tekes before 14th of July, 2017. The project outlines will be screened and a first synchronized feedback will be communicated to the consortium within two weeks to assist you in developing a draft application.

For all applicants

  • SERI and Tekes offer a formal review of the draft application if it is send to SERI and Tekes no later than the 14th of August, 2017.
  • In order to submit the full application, you must register on the Eurostars website, registration opens in July 2017, and upload your proposal directly in the Eurostars application platform according to the joint Eurostars guidelines before the 14th of September, 2017 (20:00 CET).

Eligibility criteria

The project partners are invited to present joint proposals for industrial, close-to-the-market R&D projects according to the Eurostars criteria:

  • The main partner (the co-ordinator of the project) is an R&D performing SME.
  • The consortium includes at least one Swiss and one Finnish organisation, of which at least one is a R&D performing SME. Other SMEs, large enterprises and research institutes/universities are welcome to participate as additional participants or subcontractors. However, at least 50% (excluding subcontracting costs) of the project must be performed by the participating R&D performing SME(s).
  • Industrial and innovation actors from other countries may also participate, as long as they are funded through their own national (Eurostars) schemes or participate with own resources.
  • The project demonstrates the contribution of the participants from both countries on an equal base, and the project is equally significant to all participants. One country cannot represent more than 75% of the project budget.
  • The project has a civil purpose.


Funding details

Full proposals submitted will compete against any other proposal submitted within the Eurostars programme. Both Switzerland and Finland will fund their own participants within the Eurostars framework. The main aspects of the funding criteria are: 


In the framework of Eurostars, SERI funds Swiss companies and research organisations through grants.

50% => 500.000 €
for all CH partners,per project

25% => 500.000 €
for all CH partners,per project

50% => 500.000 €
for all CH partners,per project

50% => 500.000 €
for all CH partners,per project



In the framework of Eurostars, Tekes funds Finish companies and research organisations through grants.


50% => No limit

40% => No limit
Midcap = large,company with less than 300 M€ turnover

40% => 60.000 €

60% => 120.000 € - 60.000,€
120.000 € max is applied when 2 Finnish R&D performing SMEs participate;


Support events

  • Support Event in Helsinki, Finland

The Embassy of Switzerland in Helsinki and Tekes welcome R&D oriented SMEs & Research Organisations

June 12th, 2017, Tekes Building, Helsinki, Finland

Contact at the Embassy of Switzerland in Helsinki:

Ms Päivi Laihinen
phone: +358 9 622 95 00

  • Support Event in Bern, Switzerland

The Embassy of Finland in Bern and SERI welcome R&D oriented SMEs & Research Organisations

May 22nd, 2017, Ambassador’s Residence, Muri (Bern), Switzerland

The events include a detailed introduction to Eurostars, the possibility for a direct Q&A with a Representative of Eurostars and offers additional networking opportunities. 

Contact at the Embassy of Finland in Bern:

Ms Elina Häkkinen
phone: + +41 313 504 100

60.000 € max if 1 or none.

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