Armaghan Azhar

: 8 sept. 2021

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PhD candidate at Radboud University 

My study at Radboud aims to investigate and compare global mobility for business purposes under the Free Trade Agreements in North America, Europe, and Asia. Trade agreements grant mobility rights for business purposes, which are often overlooked in migration law and practice. These mobility rights, and their implementation in selected member states, supposedly welcome trade-related mobility of persons. However, in practice it is not so clear how welcome these (mostly high-skilled and only temporarily present) ‘migrants’ actually are. Employing the Welcoming Talent Model, the proposed study investigates the underexplored (quasi freedom of ) movement under Free Trade Agreements in theory and practice.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Coopération transfrontalière
 Droit de l'immigration
 Droit commercial
 Droit international

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